Free Online Business Tools- Complete List from AppSumo

May 27, 2020

By Webinkarnation

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Free Business Tools

Free Online Business Tools- Complete List from AppSumo

May 27, 2020

By Webinkarnation

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When it comes to starting a business from scratch, and you have limited resources and budget, free tools and resources are a saviour to start and experiment with. And what if I tell you that one such company provides online tools and resources to cater almost all your needs of starting a business and that too free of cost!

AMAZING, Isn’t it?

AppSumo is the #1 software deal company that provides amazing deals on business tools and resources. They have partnered with hottest tech companies and run insane deals on business tools and resources. Not only that they are providing Free Online Business tools to help your business grow.


Table of Contents
  1.  ApproveMe’s Ultimate Contract Template Library
  2. Repuso- Reputation Management Tool
  3. Soapbox
  4. Intellifluence
  5. Brizy Design Kit
  6. Process Automation Bundle (Checklists)
  7. TrackMySubs
  8. Rezi- AI-Powered Resume Builder
  9. Signitic
  10. Adam.ai
  1. How to write a Non-Fiction Book
  2. Agency Survival Bootcamp
  3. Google Ads Bootcamp
  4. Facebook Ads Bootcamp
  5. Linkedin Outreach Bootcamp
  6. Teachable’s Online Empire Starter Course
  7. Readitfor.me
  8. TeachableU
  1. Marketing to Mindstates
  2. Gig Mindset
  3. Making Remote Work Work
  4. Mint Marketing
  5. AppSumo’s Insider Details on Facebook Advertising
  6. Facebook Ads Checklist
  7. Dr Growth- Learn Hacks for Online Marketing Growth
  8. Unstoppable: 4 steps to Transform your Life
  9. AppSumo’s Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook



How to access Free Online Resources from Appsumo:

  1. Go to AppSumo Official Website.
  2. Click on Login Button on the top right corner. You’ll need to create an account with the AppSumo first. Sign up with your Email ID and Password here.
  3. You would be redirected to this screen. Next click on freebies.
  4. You’ll get a list of freebies you can choose from.
  5. Click on any freebie tool you require.
  6. On the right-hand side, click on the Get Now button.
  7. Click on the Get Freebie button in the next step.
  8. Your order will be completed. You can click on redeem now to access the freebie. A redemption code is also provided which you can redeem on the tool.


Good news, Most of the freebies here valid for a Lifetime. Make sure you redeem them before the due date. You can access all your freebies from My Account> My Products menu section.


Free Business Tools from AppSumo


1. ApproveMe’s Ultimate Contract Template Library


ApproveMe Free Tool from AppSumo

ApproveMe’s Professionally created Contract Library with 100s of contracts comes to help when you are stuck at legal terms with your client. Instead of paying thousands of bucks to a lawyer for designing a contract, ApproveMe’s library gives you access to contracts designed by professionals for various businesses. Just, choose the type of business you are interested in creating a contract for and select the template, that’s it!


    • Each template is fully customizable.
    • It is GDPR Compliant.
    • Created by Legal Professionals.


2. Repuso- Reputation Management Tool


Repuso Free Tool from AppSumo

We know how difficult is it to get reviews from your clients. And even, if you get them it is quite difficult to manage all reviews from different platforms under one space. That’s when this free business tool from AppSumo comes to rescue.

  • Includes 23 channels to get reviews from.
  • You can add 1 business account in this freebie.
  • Reports on every review; good or bad.
  • Add an elegant review widget to your website.
  • Request reviews from clients with a fully customizable review landing page.
  • 1 Year free access through AppSumo.
  • Additional offer for adding multiple websites.


3. Soapbox


Soapbox free business tool from AppSumo


For a business, keeping the agenda in sync with teammates is very important. Soapbox does the same and a lot more by bringing all your teammates on a single platform. This tool is very helpful in building better relationships with teams.

  • Create meetings, agenda, notes, action items with teammates.
  • Real-time commenting; even before the meeting starts.
  • Post-meeting feedback and survey.
  • Seamless integration with Google, Outlook, Slack, etc.
  • Recommended agenda items for meaningful conversations.
  • Post-meeting Follow-ups.
  • 1 Year Free Access through AppSumo.


4. Intellifluence


Intellifluence free business tool from AppSumo 


Finding reputable influences for your brand is a very daunting task. What if, someone does it for you at the click of a button. There comes Intellifluence for you. Influencer Marketing is the best way to showcase your brand credibility and build trust. This tool helps you with direct interaction with the influencers. Read some of their case studies on helping brands find the right influencers here.

  • Seamless self-explanatory interface for brand campaigns.
  • Find influencers for Social Share, Social Engagement, Social Review, Blog Review, Video Review & Marketplace Review or create custom campaigns.
  • 80000+ Global influencers across 176 countries.
  • Collaborating with the right influencers.
  • 1 Year of free access with AppSumo.


5. Brizy Design Kit


Brizy Design Kit Free Business Tool from AppSumo 


I guess, every business knows the importance of having a website. Having a website not only creates an online presence but also builds a reputation for a brand. Brizy Builder is an alternative for Divi & Elementor.


6. Process Automation Bundle (Checklists)


Process Automation Bundle free business tool from AppSumo 


This has, by far, my favorite free business tool out of all. This bundle is a complete checklist of every process and work you would require right from general marketing to sales to customer feedback. Easy to use checklist templates makes it easy to ensure the workflow is maintained and followed judiciously. This free business tool will help your business grow manifolds. This bundle contains hundreds of templates across the following topics:

  • General Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Sales
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay per Click
  • Onboarding
  • General Business Checklists

P.S.: If you need any help saving the templates comment below and I would help you out.


7. TrackMySubs


TrackMySubs free business tool from AppSumo 


It happens every time that we subscribe to too many things and forget and remember only when payment for those subscriptions get debited from the bank account, only to realize that you haven’t even used any of those but paid for them. Trackmysubs organizes your subscription under one platform and helps you declutter them.

  • Take complete control of subscriptions.
  • Track payments.
  • Alerts and notices on future bills and payments for subscriptions.
  • Easy to read colorful charts.
  • Generate automated reports of subscriptions
  • Track spendings and savings.
  • Dedicated Alert and Contact Manager of each subscription.
  • 1 Year of free access from AppSumo.


8. Rezi- AI-Powered Resume Builder


Rezi free business tool from AppSumo


Although Resume builder doesn’t come under a business tool, most business starters work under professionals or in a company to understand challenges in starting a business. And for that sake, you require a Resume. Rezi is an AI-Powered Resume Builder that helps you quickly build resumes that fits your needs and industry standards.

  • Keyword-optimized Resume Builder.
  • Unlimited versions of Resume/CV and Cover Letter.
  • Real-time common error rectification.
  • Build the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Optimized Resume.
  • Build a resume in easy steps; section-by-section.
  • Choose from specific templates.
  • Get feedback on the resume in terms of scores.
  • Free lifetime access from AppSumo.


9. Signitic


Signitic free business too from AppSumo 


Email signatures have been a way to show the professionalism and credibility of your business. For long, we’ve been looking for alternatives to WiseStamp. Well Signitic, takes signing off to the next level. This is a free tool every business need.

  • Create unique signatures for all accounts.
  • Preloaded signature templates plus customizable drag and drop builder.
  • USP: Create campaigns and banners for email and even schedule them for later.
  • Create animated banners too!
  • Track clicks; see trends and comparisons.
  • 1 Year of Free Access from AppSumo.


10. Adam.ai


Adam dot ai free business too from AppSumo 


Adam.ai is a clean and powerful platform for managing meetings content. It’s a simple but elegant platform for keeping hold of all meetings and their agenda’s.

  • Easy interfacing for creating meetings and adding invitees.
  • Easy to manage all meetings and their status,
  • Real-time note-taking in a meeting.
  • Prioritize meetings and stay ahead of deadlines.
  • Upload and organize files.
  • Link video meetings to Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex.
  • Free 1 Year access from AppSumo.


Free Business Courses from AppSumo


11. How to write a Non-Fiction Book


Non Fiction Book free course from AppSumo 


Did you just explore that you have a creative mind that’s inclined more towards penning down experiences? Well, #1 New York Times bestselling author, Tucker Max is a cherry on the cake then. Scribe School Book brings to you a course on writing a Non-Fictional Book from scratch.

  • 8 hours of video lectures.
  • An illustrative course from scratch to the finish.
  • Free templates and course materials.
  • The trusted process used by +1600 authors.
  • Free lifetime access from AppSumo.


12. Agency Survival Bootcamp




It’s May 2020 and the world is in the 5th month of global pandemic Corona Virus. Businesses are suffering big time globally. This is a test of businesses to cope up in the best possible manner. This free business course would help businesses to deal with such uncertain situations and market volatility.

  • Discover insights on how to support the business during uncertain times.
  • Financially fortify your business
  • 5 Years Back up plan for business.
  • A rundown on how to prepare yourself for such times.



“Investing money to make more money” has always been a marketer’s thumb rule. This 5-day free online course from AppSumo helps online advertisers manage ad budget for Maximum ROI.

  • Study how to manage ad budgets and ROI efficiently.
  • Learn rules for profit-driven advertising.
  • Insights from experts.
  • Google Ads Account structuring.
  • PPC Keyword Research Guide included.


14. Facebook Ads Bootcamp


Facebook Ads Bootcamp free course from AppSumo 


Runnings ads on Facebook will always yield good ROI as Facebook serves a whopping 2.37 billion active users. That’s pretty much self-explanatory why advertisers are targeting social platforms. But again, we must understand the science behind running ads. Facebook Ads Bootcamp will help you in doing so!

  • Learn to optimize Ads for maximum profits and goals.
  • Creating Targeted and Dynamic Ads for audiences.
  • Learn to A/B Test Ads.
  • Additional Resources in the form of Checklists, Case Studies, Budget Calculators, etc.


15. Linkedin Outreach Bootcamp


Linkedin Outreach Bootcamp free course from AppSumo 


We know how LinkedIn has been a great platform for professional connections. A lot of businesses use this platform for B2B marketing because of its effectiveness and reach. But reaching out to potential clients is a skill that needs to be mastered. This free course talks about the strategies that would help you do so.

  • Learn to target and connect with ideal clients.
  • Avoid being sounding spammy while InMailing someone.
  • Learn to optimize ads for targeted audiences.
  • Structuring and Scheduling outreach campaigns.
  • Track and measure outreach campaigns.


16. Teachable’s Online Empire Starter Course


Teachable Free Course from AppSumo 


Lockdown has forced many to change their mode of business from Offline to Offline; a cherry on the cake for those who were already dominating the Online Business niche. This course will help all the newbie’s who want to enter into the virtual market and enter like a King.

  • 7 digital courses to start from scratch.
  • Learn how to develop and validate an idea.
  • Learn how to position your online course.
  • Learnings in the niche from industry experts.
  • A detailed course on Blogging & Webinars.


17. Readitfor.me


Readitforme free course from AppSumo


Time has always been a barrier for many to do things that they love. At least for me! Neither in my school times was I able to read books completely nor could I make it up now. How about someone summarising books in 10 mins of video, audio or text formats? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Readitfor.me does it for you.

  • Seamless portal for loads of books on business and personality development.
  • Each book explained in 12 minutes or less. Whoo, that’s great!
  • Video, Audio and text format.
  • 1 Year of free access from AppSumo.


18. TeachableU


  TeachableU free course from AppSumo


Whether you believe this or not, Lockdown has taught one skill brilliantly to every person out there; cooking. In fact, so good that, one can publish recipe books and online cooking classes! As recognition for all those, chefs out there, here’s a gift from AppSumo and TeachableU; learn how to create a course effectively and earn money out of it.

  • Learn to create courses from scratch to finish.
  • Learn to choose and validate a topic. (If you have plans other than becoming an online chef!)
  • Learn to create High-Quality, Professional Content.
  • Learn to market the course to the ideal audience.
  • Learn to scale the business.
  • 1 Year Free Access from AppSumo.


Free Business e-books from AppSumo


19. Marketing to Mindstates


Marketing to Mindstates free e-book from AppSumo 


Marketing is a game of perception and behavior towards a product. This book will teach you how to influence the behavior of consumers about certain products. In short, as the tagline of the book suggests, Marketing to Mindstates is a practical guide to applying behavior design to research and marketing.

My suggestion: Read this book if you want to understand consumer behavior and trigger emotional connections with your brand.


20. Gig Mindset


Gig Mindset free course from AppSumo 


Before this book, I wasn’t aware of the word Gig Economy. While people from top-notch companies have transformed their lives using this system, all of us can learn to reinvent career, augment time, and expand capabilities. The book highlights how engaging with freelancers can help you effectively manage your time and ensure that you progress towards a perfect work-life balance.

My suggestion: Want to explore your capabilities; bored of regular monotonous work; want to reinvent your career; give this book a read!


21. Making Remote Work Work


Making Remote Work Work free eBook from AppSumo 


Nature has its own way of making us uniquely learn new things. This time during the pandemic, we’ve been learning how to work remotely. (How positive I am towards life)! Well, learning how to do things is way different from learning how to do things effectively. I can say that this book is a complete cheat sheet on how to work inside four walls with a small antenna and 14-inch screen to manage teams, organize tasks, make teammates accountable for work, and so on. This book also addresses challenges that teams and individuals face.

My suggestion: Read this book if you want to make yourself productive and structuring your work in a completely cozy environment.


22. Mint Marketing


  Mint Marketing Plan free eBook from AppSumo


Learn from Noah, the founder of AppSumo itself, how to launch a business and grow effectively. Just to brief, Noah, helped Mint.com grew to over 1 million registered users in the first 6 months of launch. This action plan is a checklist of Noah, that he developed over the years. This actionable guide includes step-by-step actions to launch and grow any business. This book will help business people define and specify goals for the business. This entire plan is based on Quant-based Marketing which articulates the quantitative results within a result-oriented timeframe.

My suggestion: This actional guide is one of my favourites on the list. Without me being sounding bias, give this a read, if you want to effectively and practically define success for your business.


23. AppSumo’s Insider Details on Facebook Advertising


AppSumo Facebook Advertising 


This ebook gives you insights on Facebook Advertising suitability and optimization for your business. Learn the basics of Facebook Advertising from the experts who have spent a whopping $5 Million on Ads. After reading this e-book, you’ll learn to make informed decisions on marketing ad spends, implementing strategies, building creative ads, and optimizing results.


My suggestion: It’s a must-read for all the digital advertisers wanting to leverage the Facebook Ads platform.


24. Facebook Ads Checklist


Facebook Ads Checklist free e-book from AppSumo 


Further to insights on AppSumo’s Facebook Advertising, this checklist will help you structure your Ads Management and track the analytics. This e-book is data-driven and more will give deep insights into technicalities of Facebook Ads which includes setting up Ad sets, pixels for tracking, setting up google analytics, and much more.

My suggestion: Must read for Digital Advertisers.


25. Dr Growth- Learn Hacks for Online Marketing Growth


Dr growth free e-book from AppSumo 


This e-book takes you to a ride on learning the basic elements of an effective marketing campaign. The book is a deep insight into creating products that will leave everlasting footprints on consumers’ minds. Learn how to build credibility for yourself or your brand and automate marketing campaigns and save time. This 339 pages book will make your brand an online star.

My suggestion: This is one of the most elaborative and relevant books on marketing I’ve ever read. Must read for marketers out there!


26. Unstoppable: 4 steps to Transform your Life


Unstoppable free e-book from AppSumo 


Read here.


27. AppSumo’s Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook




Read here.


That’s to the end of the list. It’s lockdown time and all the free business resources from AppSumo will only help you become more productive. Give it a try. Mention in comments which tool did you liked the most.


P.S.: We are not affiliated to AppSumo, any other product, resource, course, e-book, person or company, mentioned here. These are just my personal reviews after using these resources and in no way intended to a comparison between resources mentioned here. We are not responsible for any errors arising out of the use of these products.

All image credits: AppSumo

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