Importance of a Website- A Complete Guide

May 26, 2020

By Webinkarnation

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Students accessing laptop

Importance of a Website- A Complete Guide

May 26, 2020

By Webinkarnation

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With the ever-increasing population of people using the internet, even to make small decisions, a business or an organization or any firm must understand the importance of a website. According to Internet World Stats, an estimate of 4.5 Billion people in the world were internet users which by end of Dec 2019. And today in 2020 that count has increased to a whopping 7.8 Billion approx. With such increasing usage of the internet by people, it is evident that Websites will serve as a platform for interaction between Customers and Business.


Now, what exactly a Website is?

In general terms, a website is a collection of pages having information about the entity (business, person, product, service, etc.) in such a way that is easily accessible to people globally through a common domain name (website address). Websites are helpful for building the online presence of an entity.

What are the different types of Websites?

Although there are numerous types of websites I’ve identified them into six major categories:

1.  Professional Websites

All the websites that offer Professional Services come under this category. These websites serve the purpose of offering Services or Products to society.

Digital Marketing Agency Nagpur

Examples: Digital Marketing Agency


2. Informational Websites

All the websites that offer information about any particular query or subject topic is an informational website.

Wikipedia Website

Examples: Wikipedia

3. Personal Websites

Websites offering information about a Person or a Personal Brand is termed as a Personal Website. These websites promote a famous Personality in general. These kind of websites may also offer products or services.

Shashi Tharoor Official Website

Examples: Dr. Shashi Tharoor

4. E-Commerce Websites

These websites are “Online Shopping Malls”. The purpose of these types of websites is for buying and selling products and services through online transactions of money (sometimes offline). With the advancement in Technology and ever-increasing online buyers, the trend of E-Commerce Websites and advancement in its design has increased tremendously.

Amazon Official Website

Example: Amazon

5. Government Websites

These are official websites of the Government. These websites promote and inform people about various schemes and facilities that the government is providing.

Startup India Official Website

Example: Startup India

6. Non-Profit Websites

The websites designed solely for the purpose of helping the society by means of Social Philanthropic Activities, fund-raising, Volunteering, etc. is a Non-Profit Website. These websites showcase the work done by NGOs for the benefit of society.

Rotary International Official Website

Example: Rotary International

Let us now understand the importance of having a website.

1. First Impression is the Last Impression

A statistics show that nearly 88% of people pre-research online before making a buying decision. And if your potential customer doesn’t find you online then? It is recommended that despite the size of the business, one should have a website to cater to such potential customers.


2. Strong Online Presence

A good website will create a strong online presence for your business in the long run. Less than two-thirds of small businesses have a website and having one in the first place will differentiate your business from others.

3. From Local to Global

It doesn’t matter which part of the globe your potential customer is in as long as he has internet access and you have a website. Both can cater to the needs of each other with a Website. A business owner can find a Potential Customer and Customers may find the service or Product. That’s how important a Website is!

4. Easy Accessibility to Business

An ideal website contains all the necessary information about the business like Services, Products, Working Hours, Location, Contact Details etc. which is easily accessible at the click of a button.

5. Staying Connected

The website is a simplistic mode of staying connected with your customers through news, blogs, offerings, creative content, etc. A website is also a way of engaging with your customers and creating good-will.

Staying connected online

6. Low Investment with increased Return on Investment

In today’s world creating and designing a website costs a penny (well not a penny but kind of relatable and reasonable cost). A statistics showed that of the small businesses that have websites, 69% of them are having annual sales of $1,000,000 – $2,490,000. This clearly shows what impact a website has on business sales.

For creating a website at affordable costs, get in touch with us.

7. Credibility and Lasting Value

A statistics showed that 75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.

Another study, mentioned here, found that 46% of consumers in the study based their decisions on the credibility of websites on their visual appeal and aesthetics.

8. Product or Service Launch & Offers

A website also acts as a medium for interaction and engagement with the audiences. One can inform their audiences about the product launch and various offers that they are willing to present.

9. Staying Ahead in the Competition

If you’ve understood the importance of having a website and have created one, then you are ahead of more than one-third of businesses who don’t even have a website.

The importance of the Website is also relatable to various sectors of business. Find out how:

1. Importance of Website for Schools & Colleges
  • Differentiating between schools and colleges locally, regionally, nationally & globally.
  • Information about Admissions.
  • Creating Credibility by showcasing excellent facilities.
  • Showcasing excellent academic track records.
  • Showcasing academic and extra-curricular activities.
  • Keeping guardians and students updated about news and events.
  • Showcasing Achievements.

List of best school Website Designs: Click Here

List of Best College Website Designs: Click Here

2. Importance of Website for a Restaurant
  • Showcasing the specialty of a restaurant.
  • Showcasing the location of the restaurant.
  • Showcasing Deliciously cooked and authentic foods served.
  • Reservations for a customer.
  • Showcasing Menu.
  • Special Offers at Special Times.

List of inspiring Restaurant Website Designs: Click Here

3. Importance of Website for a Corporate Company:
  • Who, Why, When, Whereabouts of a Company.
  • Showcase Vision, Mission & Goals of a Company.
  • Rendering Services to Clients.
  • Showcasing Achievements.
  • Showcasing Work Culture.
  • Promoting Best Practices being followed.
  • Recruitments and Collaboration
  • Franchisees

25 Beautiful Corporate Websites

4. Importance of Website for Freelancers/Personal Websites
  • Showcasing artwork and skills
  • Connecting with clients/customers
  • Collaborating with agencies.
  • Selling artwork/Rendering services.
  • Personal Achievements
  • Inspiring People

23 of the Best Personal Websites to Inspire Your Own

5. Importance of a Website for Hotels
  • Portray the best facilities provided by the hotel
  • Booking Options
  • Infrastructure Available
  • Basic and Luxury Amenities
  • Showcasing Special Benefits and Discounts on Rooms and other Facilities
  • Virtual Experience of Hotel
  • Showcasing Bookings for Special Occasions like Parties, Weddings, etc.

Best Websites Design for Hotels

6. Importance of Website for Non-Profit Organisations
  • Portray the Work and Support Provided
  • Showcase Vision, Mission & Goals
  • Calling for Support for a Cause
  • Calling for Donations
  • Calling for Volunteers
  • Showcasing Success Storing, Impact Created and Lives Touched
  • Creating a Community of Like-Minded People.
  • Encourage people for Charity.

11 Excellent Examples of Non-profit Website Designs

7. Importance of Website in Tourism-Industry
  • Showcasing Tourism Destinations
  • Travel Bookings & Reservations
  • Holiday Packages
  • Trip Planner
  • Dedicated Tourist Attractions
  • Packages according to Occasions
  • Promoting Complete Tourism Guide

20 Tourism Sites for Your Inspiration

8. Importance of Website for Government
  • Create transparency among Government and People
  • Showcasing the Work of Government Bodies
  • Easy accessibility for People
  • Promoting New Schemes and Initiatives
  • Addressing Problems
  • Addressing Local Issues
  • Collaborating, Sharing & Influencing Govt Policies

Merely having a website will not support the business. It comes with some additional practices or recommendations that should fulfill the essentials of good website design.

  • Seamless Website Design and Architecture is essential for creating better browsing experiences for end-users.
  • Mobile-Responsive Website Design.
  • Social Media Integration on Website.
  • Easy navigation throughout the website.
  • Regularly updating content on websites.
  • SEO friendly.

To sum-up it all:

Websites are an integral part of Business for its growth, reach and increase revenue. Websites are also important in each industry irrespective of their location or type of service. A website can make you go from local to Global. Although, only having a website is not enough but it should fulfill all the essentials of good website design.


To create a good Website Design for your business, get in touch with us.

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